Workshops for Parents

Anya leads skill-building workshops for parent groups and at conferences on a variety of topics, including:

  • how parents can teach kids to be critical thinkers about media messages
  • how to answer your child’s questions about sex & sexuality
  • teaching kids about boundaries and consent
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Workshops for Parents & Teens

Review the fundamentals of sex-ed and get to the more advanced topics.  Parents and teens attend these workshops together, but separate into different groups for discussions and partner work.  Anya teaches the anatomy and physiology of the human reproductive systems, women’s health, contraceptive techniques, and basic information about the most common sexually transmitted infections.  Participants role play difficult scenarios, such as initiating safe sex conversations or responding to date-rape scenarios.  Parents and teens examine the disconnect between real life, media messages, and pornography.  They learn strategies for increasing intimacy without fast tracking to intercourse.

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Meet Anya and join local Bay Area parents to trade bloopers and get some support around talking to kids about sex and relationships. This free group allows parents to connect with each other and with Anya. Local workshops are also announced in the MeetUp group, so this is a great way to learn about upcoming events.  Join Bay Area Talking to Kids About Sex and Relationships.

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