Parent Coaching

parent coaching with anya manes


Parent Coaching

Anya coaches individual parents to be their child’s life-long ally and greatest resource in establishing healthy boundaries, clear communication and safety in their intimate relationships.  By providing individual coaching over a series of months, we choose strategies, celebrate successes, and troubleshoot problem areas.    Many parents want support establishing their parenting philosophy, planning conversations, determining phrasing, role playing dialogs, and tailoring topic depth and breadth for their child’s individual needs.  By slowly shifting the family culture, parents and caregivers learn to have a comfortable, engaged, and ongoing dialog with their kids about sexual health.  This work transforms the parent-child relationship and empowers teens to act from a place of real awareness, choice, and responsibility.

Parent Groups

Anya leads groups of parents through her specialized curriculum and provides one-on-one coaching support between group sessions.  Parent groups meet over a series of months, which provides ongoing support as participants try new strategies and learn new skills.  Participants establish their family values, plan conversations and skill-building exercises, and tailor topic depth and breadth for their child’s individual needs.  Parents are partnered with buddies for additional accountability and support.  The group provides a community of like-minded parents with whom participants can share triumphs, ask questions, and receive validation.  Click here for a description of this year’s program.



parent meet up

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Meet Anya and join local Bay Area parents to trade bloopers, resources, and to get some support around talking to kids about sex and relationships. This free group allows parents to connect with each other and with Anya. Local workshops are also announced in the MeetUp group, so this is a great way to learn about upcoming events.  Join Bay Area Talking to Teens About Sex and Relationships.

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