Finding Passion and Purpose

Sometimes people ask me about being a mother while doing this work. The work is big, and motherhood is big – two HUGE projects!


I stopped teaching because I felt I’d be setting myself up for failure on both fronts: that I wouldn’t be the teacher or the mother I wanted to be.  While I wanted to focus on motherhood, I also needed another passion and purpose, something I knew would make the world a better place.


Parenting is certainly a marathon, and it’s one in which moms in particular can easily loose themselves. That sweet baby is just so needy!  Your newborn’s needs come first, and after a few weeks, that habit has set in.  Mama comes second…or maybe last.


It’s a serious BOUNDARIES problem, and I talk about boundaries with my clients a lot!  It’s a key skill that we’re expected to absorb somehow, without anyone really teaching us.


Here’s the thing though: What we model is what our kids learn to do.


If you have good boundaries, your kids will learn your standard, your process for saying yes and saying no, what you do to adjust and stay centered.


But most of us are still learning how to have good boundaries, and our kids have really thrown us a challenge!  Our identities outside of work or parenting might be the first thing to go.  The hobbies, quiet time, and volunteer work fall to the side.


Is your life ignited by PASSION and PURPOSE?  Isn’t that the most important thing to model for our kids?


Have you ever wondered, “Am I modelling a soul-fulfilling life to my children?”


My friend and colleague, Tanya Lochner, has been delving into these questions. She’s launching a VIRTUAL CONFERENCE, to empower moms with insights and strategies that mothers can use to reconnect with that core PASSION that will lead you back to a PURPOSE-FILLED life.


She’s put together a panel of 25 powerhouse experts, where I’ll be featured as well, to share their experiences, how they’ve created their exceptional lives. (Can you guess what I’ll be talking about?  That’s right: boundaries.)


Not only will you be getting full access to their strategies and advice, you’ll also be showered with free gifts – to help you live full out, in harmony with your role as a parent.


The best part? The conference is completely FREE!




In support of you,




PS:  If you’re thinking, “yes, that’s important, but I haven’t got the time…” then try this on: “It’s not a priority.”  They’re the same thing.  If you don’t have time for yourself, you’re saying to yourself and everyone else, “I’m not a priority,” and it’s just not true!  Boundaries, my dear, BOUNDARIES!

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