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Teaching Kids About Boundaries and Consent

Wednesday, May 23th at 9:00 am PST

Why talk with kids about boundaries?

Our society does not teach Boundaries skills well, and yet, it’s a key life skills which will be needed at every age and stage of life. Interacting with others, sexually or not, means you’ll need to feel and defend your boundaries…but how do you do this well?

How do you teach this skill set to your kids, especially if it wasn’t taught to you?

Here is a new framework for understanding healthy boundaries, building consent culture, and preventing the next generation's #metoo stories.


In this presentation, you’ll learn:

  • Exactly what a boundary is and clear concrete ways to share that with kids
  • The biggest boundaries misconceptions, and how that leads to troubled relationships
  • How to speak up to defend a boundary, in a way that tends to create acquiescence and respect

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What are people saying about the content in this webinar?

Anya’s presentation on boundaries and consent was very practical and useful! She has a great way of explaining the importance of boundaries and consent, whether your children are dealing with a sexual situation or an everyday situation. Her use of stories and examples really drive home important messages, and I found myself thinking, “I’m definitely going to use that!” She also gives you really helpful language to share with your child, to help them clearly communicate their boundaries. I now have a new list of what I need to discuss with both of my kids and feel good knowing that I’m preparing them to have safe and healthy relationships. Thank you, Anya!

- Johanna Rosenthal, MPH

I found Anya’s  presentation on Boundaries and Consent to be extremely thoughtful and effectively presented. I will definitely integrate her tools and techniques – in my own parenting and health educator roles – to encourage understanding of and sense of comfort for our children to make healthy, safe, and consensual choices.

- Nicole Maderas

I found Anya’s presentation extremely helpful. It created a space to think about important and sometimes abstract concepts, such as comfort and boundaries, in a concrete and tangible way. I feel that I can provide clear examples and define comfort and boundaries in a manner that my children will grasp. Anya facilitated a very rich discussion and provided strategies for assisting adolescents and children to verbalize their boundaries.

- Beatriz Reyes

Thank you for such a clear and thorough explanation. Super helpful for me and our family. I will definitely be in touch if feel we need further support.

- Emma Lees

I really enjoyed Anya's workshop today. I learned so much that could have helped me out earlier in life. The comfort zone discussion was more than beneficial and just talking about boundaries was very very fun and super informative!

- Teddee Cullen

I have a 4 year old son and a 2 year old son, and with my 4 year old son I have been wanting to start the conversation about healthy boundaries and healthy sexual relationships in the sense of keeping him safe and I haven’t really known where to begin, so I went to Anya's talk and now I feel like I have a great jumping off place to start that conversation.

- Adryon Burton Denmark

Thanks to Anya for helping me as a parent of a 2 year and 4 year old just to learn their framework for thinking about boundaries and just language to use with my kids around feeling comfortable and when they become uncomfortable. I think about the need to teach my kids about protecting themselves with all the issues related to touching and fears around sexual abuse and this gives me something that I can take home and use with my kids now, so thank you I so appreciate this workshop and I look forward to keeping in touch and getting more research from you.

- Helen Calabria