Parent Resources, Safety Conversations, & Understanding Kid Culture

Parenting to Prevent Sexual Assault

I watched an amazing TED talk last night, Thordis Elva and Tom Stranger’s story of rape and reconciliation.   It’s breathtakingly bold for this rape survivor and her rapist share the stage, telling the story of their brief relationship as...
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A simple strategy to improve communication with your kid

January 27, 2017
When you child is asking questions about sex and relationships, you have to carefully consider how to answer, but at least the conversation has started.   What about when your child isn’t asking questions?   There are lots of moments...
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Want to have real conversations with your teen?

Raising teens is one of the most important jobs there is.  It’s also one of the hardest! I know you want to be having conversations about sex and relationships, and to do that, you’ll need a good foundation in place....
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Yes, you get to have this

Every time I wonder about it, and every time I decide, Yes, I get to have this, my life gets a little better. I’m sure someone out there has not erred too far on the side of austerity, but for...
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Maintaining and Improving Sexual Health

A friend recently asked me, “Is anyone healthy?”  She meant through-and-through, totally 100% healthy.  It made me pause.  I couldn’t come up with more than one or two people. How is it that we spend so much time and energy...
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Clearing the destructive cycles you don’t even know you’re caught in

There are gray areas which we know are tricky, and we just can’t explain them to our kids very well.  These have been coming up in my conversations with clients lately. The key to teasing these out is to think...
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The Pros and Cons of Technology

Like money, our technology magnifies our impact.  Having more or less money doesn’t make you a better or worse person, but having more money does change your ability to affect others – for better or for worse.  A rich do-gooder...
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Planning for a tough conversation

November 14, 2016
Sometimes my clients want help with their own resistance around talking about sex with their kids.  Other times, they know a certain conversation has to happen and that it will be hard on their child.  Have you ever had to...
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Protecting their innocence

At my workshop last Saturday, a mother told me her son had asked about Prince’s song “Cream”.  Her answer at the time was that it’s like the cream you put in coffee.  She knew she’d dodged the question, and asked...
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