Parent Resources, Safety Conversations, & Understanding Kid Culture

Talking with your kids about Trump’s trans ban

Wondering what to say?   Trump’s tweets came up today in our coaching call for the Opening the Communication group program.  There’s a lot to unpack, many angles to look at.   Let me zoom out and say this first...
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13 Reasons Why: How to do better than those parents

It’s a tough topic, teen suicide.  But real, very real.   I think I’ve shared before that in my last year teaching, one of the girls in my homeroom, a straight A perfectionistic type from a great family, attempted suicide...
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Setting sexual expectations

The Buddha taught that the source of all suffering is attachment, and in this case, I’m talking about attachment to how you expect things to be.  There’s two parts to this: being open to reality ourselves and setting realistic expectations...
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From good boundaries to GREAT boundaries

I wrote earlier about what to do when kids put up a big loud boundary, when they stonewall you, and what you can do to soften things up.  That will get you creating safety, so the wall can come down,...
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What to do when your kids won’t talk with you

Some of you have told me stories about your child refusing to talk about sex.  Hands over ears, fleeing the room, slamming the door.   I’ve been asked, “What should I do when my child flat out refuse to talk?”...
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How did you learn not to talk about sex?

I bet no one told you directly that sex was a hush-hush topic.  It turns out that no one needs to.  We are so observant of other people that we notice what others do and don’t do, the inflection in...
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Are you inadvertently shutting down conversations with your kids?

Sometimes we’re so excited to have an opportunity to talk, that we overdo it.  Does that happen to you?   Maybe you find yourself in lecture mode, or maybe your child starts to engage on a topic and then wilts. ...
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Standing up to sexual pressure

Let me get reallllly personal for a moment, because this has happened to me.   My high-school sweetheart followed me across the country to college.  We were together for 9 years.  This happened 3 years after college, when we were...
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What drives teens to get more aggressive about sex

  By the time our kids are teens, they’ve learned what sex is and they’ve absorbed the myth that everyone is having sex, and having great sex, too.   Teens think of sex like they think of skateboarding: if my...
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