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The Pros and Cons of Technology

Like money, our technology magnifies our impact.  Having more or less money doesn’t make you a better or worse person, but having more money does change your ability to affect others – for better or for worse.  A rich do-gooder...
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Big News

Planning for a tough conversation

November 14, 2016
Sometimes my clients want help with their own resistance around talking about sex with their kids.  Other times, they know a certain conversation has to happen and that it will be hard on their child.  Have you ever had to...
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Protecting their innocence

At my workshop last Saturday, a mother told me her son had asked about Prince’s song “Cream”.  Her answer at the time was that it’s like the cream you put in coffee.  She knew she’d dodged the question, and asked...
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“locker room talk” and sexual assault

Have your kids been following the election?  What have you said to them about Trump’s “locker room” talk?   Our culture has really confused people about what sexual assault is, even though it’s really a very simple concept.  How did...
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Why I dressed sexy as a kid

This is a bit vulnerable to share, even more so than the blog I wrote on how I lost track of my boundaries.  I remember being in middle school and testing out my sexiness.  Some of the parents I work...
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Raising Good Men

September 30, 2016
My last article, Pleasure not Performance, got a lot of commentary, at least in my inbox.  I talked about what I’d say to my daughter, and one of the questions that came through was, “And what would you say to...
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Pleasure not performance

September 20, 2016
A really great question was asked during the Q&A portion of last Wednesday’s webinar, Talking To Preteens About Sex & Relationships, and I had to share it with you.  It’s a big one:   How do we teach our girls...
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How I Learned To Have Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries are not taught well in our culture.  Most of us don’t talk about them with kids at all!  Think back – did your parents talk to you about feeling your boundaries?  About what to do if your boundaries were...
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Fall group program

I’m thrilled to announce a brand spankin’ new group program for this fall. Are you ready to start talking to your child about sex and relationships?  Or have you started talking and you’re ready for more?  Would you like to have...
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