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It’s like having a baby!

I get emails like this one quite regularly:   Hi Anya, I just registered for the…webinar, hoping I would get access to a recording… But when I click on the link, Zoom says that the Webinar has expired. Is there...
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Feeling and defending Boundaries

February 6, 2018
You probably know that a lot of the work I do with clients is around teaching healthy boundaries.   That I’m fascinated with Boundaries in no way implies that I’m excellent with them!  Quite the opposite: because I’ve built the...
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the power of YES AND

Did you watch Oprah accept her award at the Golden Globes this year?  It’s powerful and worth a few minutes of your time.  This week, people have asked me on more than one occasion if I’d vote for Oprah for...
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How I Learned To Have Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries are not taught well in our culture.  Most of us don’t talk about them with kids at all!  Think back – did your parents talk to you about feeling your boundaries?  About what to do if your boundaries were...
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Navigating nudity

The Opening the Communication group program launched last month, and already great questions are being raised! Let me share with you some nuggets from our discussion on nudity, privacy, and body boundaries. When is it ok (and not ok) for...
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20 minutes of action for change

On November 25th, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, we’re turning the deplorable phrase “20 minutes of action” from the Stanford rape case on its head by encouraging parents – especially dads – to take 20 minutes to...
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Talking about #metoo

I was at my friend’s women’s leadership group Wednesday evening, and we talked about #metoo the whole time.  Then I went home and discussed it with my husband for another couple hours.   Here’s one thing I got clarity around:...
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Having those hard conversations

October 19, 2017
October is Let’s Talk Month, and there are so many ways conversations about sex and relationships can start.  Are you ready for any and all of these?   Sometimes your child drops a zinger of a conversation starter.  One of...
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The ideal age for “the talk”

I went to Amy Lang’s presentation last night, and of course, she was awesome.  You’ve seen her this year and last year on The Talking To Kids About Sex Interview Series, and her talk last night on the basics of...
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