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Standing up to sexual pressure

Let me get reallllly personal for a moment, because this has happened to me.   My high-school sweetheart followed me across the country to college.  We were together for 9 years.  This happened 3 years after college, when we were...
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What drives teens to get more aggressive about sex

  By the time our kids are teens, they’ve learned what sex is and they’ve absorbed the myth that everyone is having sex, and having great sex, too.   Teens think of sex like they think of skateboarding: if my...
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How teens mess up with sex (and what you can do to prevent it)

Yesterday I was on the phone with a mom whose story just made my heart ache.   Her parents had not educated her about sex at all, so she learned about it from friends and school.  When she started having...
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no porn

Protect your child from porn

Ugh.  Your sweet innocent babe has been exposed to porn, and is now asking you about it.  Or maybe they’re not saying anything – is that worse?  Or maybe your child is totally accessing porn, on purpose.   How can...
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Defend Your Boundaries

Empowering your child

I talked to one mom recently who knew straight-up that her daughter has trouble with BOUNDARIES.  Here’s the story she told me:   The daughter and her cousin were rough housing and tickle fighting, and it was totally appropriate and...
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Teaching kids to respect themselves and their partners

When I get on the phone with parents, we often talk about how to teach healthy boundaries.   That’s not what they thought they were calling me to talk about.  They thought it was how to explain to their child...
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parent group

2017-2018 group program

I am thrilled to announce that the next Opening the Communication group coaching program launches this June.   This is a program in which you’ll learn the skills you need to parent your child’s sexuality.  You’ll get the space, individual...
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Sex-ed of the future

Do you know what our kids are in for?   If you haven’t read Peggy Orenstein’s new book, Girls & Sex, or heard her speak, check out her TED talk.   The moment in her talk that hits me hard...
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Why I do this

My family didn’t talk to us about sex, and it quite literally broke us apart.    One of my family members was friends with the boy next door.  Let’s call my family member “John” and the boy next door “Luke.” ...
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