The #1 way to empower your child

Have you ever felt clueless?  Like you didn’t know what to do, what should happen, how you fit in to the situation?  It feels pretty powerless.


You and I both want our kids to feel more confident, more powerful, more in control – so that things don’t “just happen” to them – especially when it comes to sex and relationships.


Here’s the big mindset shift:

Instead of telling them what to avoid, tell them what to do and what to expect.


If you know what to expect, you’re not clueless.  You know if this is the right situation or if you need to say Hell No, this isn’t how it’s supposed to be.


If you know what to do, you can take charge of a situation.   You’re the leader, the upstander, the one in control.  That feels really good.


Our kids desperately want to be proficient!  Somehow, with sex, we get tongue tied and say less, when we actually need to say more.  Paint the picture for them.  They need to know what should happen…so we’re not being very helpful when we focus on what shouldn’t.


Let me give you a few examples:


Perhaps your rule is, “No one but you should touch your private parts, unless it’s with your consent, to help you with hygiene or an injury.”  Good!  Now…what should they do if that rule gets broken?  Because it does get broken for 1:5 girls and 1:12 boys – and in major ways.


Maybe you have a rule, “Pornography is not for kids.  Children’s hearts and minds aren’t ready for it.” Excellent!  Now…what should they do when they do see online porn for the first time?  (Because it’s not an if, it’s a when…)


You teach your adolescent, “No drugs, no alcohol.  Not until you’re at least 18.”  OK!  Now, what should they do when they go to a party and their peers offer them drugs and alcohol?  How do they defend that boundary or exit that situation?  And if they do want to partake, what does the right situation look like?


You tell your teen, “No sexting.  Sending nudes is never a good idea.”  I agree 100%.  Now, what should they do when they get the first request?  What if the requests keep coming, even after they’ve said No?  And what should they do if they receive a nude picture?


You’ve said, “Don’t have sex yet; wait til you’re older.”  But if they decide they’re ready, what do they need to know about how it should be?  They’ve seen porn – have you painted a different picture for them so they have a healthier idea to go by?


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P.S. This week has been full of workshops: a mother’s group on Monday, a private in-home presentation on Wednesday, and an elementary school on Friday.  If you’d be interested in having me present to your community, let’s explore a live or virtual event.  Click here or send me a message!

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Great Info! Will look out for the webinar.


thank you, very helpful, would love to sit and watch the webinar? I’ve never done this so how does it play out so i don’t miss it. thanx


Hi Maureen,

If you register, you’ll receive all the info to attend live, and the recording in case you can’t make it. I hope you’ll join us!


I definitely want the answers!!!


Yes, my dear Valery!! We’ll certainly cover this in our group.


These are all such relevant things,whether now or in the near future. I too would love to have further discussion and direction with these questions.


Kim, are you in our Facebook group? Or we can schedule a time to talk…


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